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Criminal charges carry wide-ranging consequences, including possible imprisonment, probation, court fees, and fines. After the court proceedings have wrapped up, even individuals who have been acquitted often feel as though they have been punished. These are just some of the reasons why it is crucial to find a criminal defense attorney who will protect your reputation and your rights.

Drug Cases

It is illegal in Louisiana to possess, manufacture, deliver, or sell controlled substances. This applies to drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and prescription opioids. If convicted, you will be left with a permanent criminal record that can impact not only your career, but your reputation, relationships, and education, as well.

The immediate and long-term consequences of a drug conviction can be difficult to overcome, which is why it is absolutely imperative that you do not treat your situation lightly. When facing a drug crime, you should always consult an experienced criminal lawyer.

Whether you are facing your first drug offense or if you have prior convictions, working with a criminal defense attorney is the best way to secure a favorable outcome. Throughout the legal process, you will be subjected to law enforcement investigation. By having an experienced drug case attorney on your side, you have someone who is protecting your rights and ensuring you do not incriminate yourself.


Being arrested and convicted of a DWI – driving while impaired – can be a scary and costly experience. A conviction almost always means jail time, hundreds of dollars in fines and court costs, and loss of driving privileges. If you have been charged with DWI or any impaired driving offense, E. Dion Young will fight for you.

Law enforcement and criminal prosecution attorneys will do anything to ensure that you lose your license and pay steep fines. The law office of E. Dion Young can offer you the best legal representation to protect your innocence. We will review your case for free and lay out your legal options for fighting a DWI charge.

All Felony Matters

After being accused of committing a felony, you will likely have several questions about what happens next and how how the charge may affect your future, your finances, and your freedom. It may be the first crime you’ve ever been charged with or perhaps you have been through the justice system before but you don’t know what to expect from a felony charge.

Experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney E. Dion Young is here to help you through this experience. We can help navigate the criminal process and pursue a fair and just outcome. We understand what you are going through and are prepared to perform a vigorous defense should we defend you.

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